Prayers For Life

Comfort and Healing

  • “O Lord, I am hurting. My whole world seems to have gone to shambles, I feel empty from a loss and I feel this is all I will feel.  Lord help me in my grief, every day I need you.  Please lord feel me with your comfort.  I know by your grace there is hope for my future, a future without pain and loss.  Thank you, Amen.


  • After asking to remove this trial, I ask you to reveal your power in this trial.  I need the Holy Spirit to strengthen me through my weakness?  I praise you for this trial, I know that you are strengthening me and building me up.  Be with me today please father.  Thank you, Amen

Peace and Love

  • Lord, let me marinate in your love today.  I want to rest in your holy presence.  I am longing to be wrapped in your arms today.  I love you Lord and praise your holy name.  Thank you, Amen


  • Teach me oh Lord, your wisdom and understanding, show me you wants.  Guide me in your light, with a reminder of who I am and whose I am.  Thank you, Amen