Childhood in Divorce to Childhood in God

Three years old is so young to understand divorce.  I remember gripping to my mother screaming, tears rolling down my chipmunk cheeks every other weekend. To turn around feeling that same sadness at the end of my fathers weekend. If anyone else has lived through this kind of childhood, you are with me when I say it was rough.  I feel that it is a heartbreaking experience even as an adult to find out that our real example of love, is no example at all.  At least as an adult it would be a little easier to understand why.

Getting used to going to one house to another was not an easy mission.  Just the adjusting from not having my mother and father both tucking me in at night was pretty rough.

I understand now why they did it.  They were young when they got married, shortly had me after.  I love my parents, they are two very different people.  They have their reasons for divorce, and I am not going to air out personal laundry for them.  I only air out mine to you guys! lol I forgave them for shaking up my childhood. I know deep down they were looking out for me in the long run.  I will say that it made me stronger.  God got me through it.

When I was about 7 or 8 (I think) my mother started going to church.  There was a drastic change in my home and boy am I forever thankful for this.  I understood a little bit about God and Jesus but I wasn’t sure of his wonderful power.  When I was about 10, I accepted Christ into my heart.  It was then I started to realize how wonderful our father was.  He was there for me when I cried in my bed at night, which was my often routine before.  He was there for me through everything, the anger, sadness, confusion and hurt.  This experience matured me at a young age.  I began to rely on God and trust in him for everything.  I was blessed to have an outcome like this, others have not.  People begin to medicate the hurt and it can ruin other parts of our lives as adults if we let it.

Soon after God changed my heart I stopped asking why and began to see the positive in everything.   I was a new creature.  I started to enjoy two family holidays, rules, home, and style of life.  I could talk to my parents about different things.   Now, we were no Brady Bunch and we had family struggles like others in life, but God got us through.

I think it is very important for couples going through a divorce with children to get along, and to work as a team.  Try not to disparage one another in front of the child.  Being in church helped so much, there was youth groups, and mentors at the church that I really looked up to.  My parents were also very cautious about what we watched and listened too, that helped with staying in God to avoid becoming saturated in the world.  I read this article in light of me writing my post to give some advice to the parents.  Its “How to explain Divorce to a Three Year Old.”  There are many resources and ways to get through Divorce.

With Love,

Her Heart


Author: herheartonfireblog

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