Scripture Of The Day

One of my devotionals today was talking about God’s goodness, and the difference between earthly goodness and Godly.  In this devotional it gives an example from another book called “The Hiding Place” by Corrie ten Boom.  This book details her imprisonment in a Nazi concentration camp.  She was freed and spent the rest of her life giving testimonies about God’s goodness.  Her sister died in the camp and this was a quote from her book. “There lay Betsie, her eyes closed as if in sleep, her face full and young. The care lines, the grief lines, the deep hollows of hunger and disease were simply gone. In front of me was the Betsie of Haarlem, happy and at peace.  Stronger! Freer! This was the Betsie of heaven, bursting with joy and health.”  In the End we are happy, free, strong and peaceful.  That is the Glory none can compare with the sufferings and goodness of the world.



Author: herheartonfireblog

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