Social Experiment. “Do you believe in God?”

As a believer it is interesting to see what people in the world today say when asked this question.  I was once on the fence in a time of my life until he saved me from a terrible place in my life.  I came across these YouTube videos of social experiments and was curious to see what people say.  Take a look and comment what YOU believe (not for judgement, or to preach to you just curious).  If you do believe, think about what we are doing with our calling.  It is interesting the changes of demographics in these videos, and the people in the last video do not live a glamorous life they are poor and struggling but holding on to faith. Almost all of the people this man asks say they do believe in him.  Their reaction to the gift when he says “God sent me for you.” is amazing, they seem to be in awe and happy what God has given them.  Just because you can not see him does not mean he is not real.  The feeling is real not just emotion.




What do you believe?

With Love,

Her Heart



Author: herheartonfireblog

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